New Climate and Health Open Data

The San Francisco Department of Public Health is releasing a comprehensive dataset that was used to inform work for our Climate and Health Program. Data such as satellite imagery from NASA, temperature data from NOAA and other data sets such as individual physiology, culture, local infrastructure, behavior, and social and demographic characteristics which influence the risk of climate health impacts are now available on DataSF. Click on "Climate and Health Variables" below to see the datasets available.

To learn more about our open data releases, see our open data initiative page.

We also developed an interactive map to explore heat vulnerability in San Francisco (below).

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The development of the San Francisco Heat Vulnerability Index has been part of our Climate and Health work, which focuses on identifying the most vulnerable areas and populations in San Francisco with the goal of preventing heat stress morbidity and mortality during extreme heat events. The Heat Vulnerability Index is a way to geographically predict high risk areas during an extreme heat event. Visit our Climate and Health page to see more about our program.

Click here to learn more about the Obama Administration's climate and health initiatives, open data policies and online data research tool for climate change and human health.