Climate and Health

Climate change is happening now and faster than expected. The impacts of climate change on human health are a major concern, particularly for populations with known health disparities. Climate change impacts health in many ways, both directly and indirectly.

In 2010, the San Francisco Department of Public Health was awarded funding from the CDC to participate in the Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative. The goal of the program is to help states and cities develop ways to anticipate health effects of climate change by applying climate science, predicting health impacts, and preparing flexible programs. The focus of our work for this initiative has been preventing heat stress morbidity and mortality from extreme heat events and associated air quality impacts, which are expected to increase in frequency and duration with climate change. The products of our Climate and Health work for this project are summarized below.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerable Populations

Extreme Heat Events

Extreme Heat Events

Indicators + Research

Climate + Health Indicators

Emergency Planning


Open Data + Innovation

Open Data

Community Resilience

community resilience


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